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3.1 Controller

— Function: elephant:open-store spec &key recover recover-fatal thread

Conveniently open a store controller.

— Function: elephant:close-store &optional sc

Conveniently close the store controller.

— Macro: elephant:with-open-store spec &body body

Executes the body with an open controller, unconditionally closing the controller on exit.

— Function: elephant:add-to-root key value &key store-controller

Add an arbitrary persistent thing to the root, so you can retrieve it in a later session. n.b. this means it (and everything it points to) won't get gc'd.

— Function: elephant:get-from-root key &key store-controller

Get a something from the root.

— Variable: elephant:*store-controller*

The store controller which persistent objects talk to.

— Class: elephant:store-controller

Class precedence list: store-controller, standard-object, t


Class of objects responsible for the book-keeping of holding db handles, the cache, table creation, counters, locks, the root (for garbage collection,) et cetera.