Index of packages:

Package closure-html

This package exports functions for HTML parsing and serialization.

In addition, two simple in-memory data structures are included: LHTML, a lisp-list model. And PT, a simple structure instance model used by Closure internally.

Package hax

An event protocol for HTML serialization, this package is similar to the SAX protocol defined by cxml for XML serialization.

(Technically, this package should have been spelled SAH, but HAX sounds better.)

Note that Closure HTML is not a streaming parser yet. Documents are always parsed in full before the first HAX event is emitted. In spite of this restriction, the HAX API is useful for HTML serialization and transformation purposes, and for integration with SAX.

Exported Symbol Index

closure-html:*html-dtd*, variable
hax:abstract-handler, class
closure-html:attribute, function
hax:attribute-name, function
hax:attribute-specified-p, function
hax:attribute-value, function
hax:characters, function
closure-html:comment, function
hax:comment, function
hax:default-handler, class
hax:end-document, function
hax:end-element, function
hax:find-attribute, function
closure-html:lhtml-builder, class
hax:make-attribute, function
closure-html:make-character-stream-sink, function
closure-html:make-lhtml-builder, function
closure-html:make-octet-stream-sink, function
closure-html:make-octet-vector-sink, function
closure-html:make-pt-builder, function
closure-html:make-rod-sink, function
closure-html:make-string-sink, function
closure-html:parse, function
closure-html:pt, class
closure-html:pt-attrs, function
closure-html:pt-builder, class
closure-html:pt-children, function
closure-html:pt-name, function
closure-html:pt-parent, function
closure-html:serialize-lhtml, function
closure-html:serialize-pt, function
hax:standard-attribute, class
hax:start-document, function
hax:start-element, function
closure-html:text, function
hax:unescaped, function
closure-html:with-element, macro
closure-html:with-html-output, macro
closure-html:with-output-sink, macro