REPL Utilities

While you're working with an Araneida system, sometimes you find yourself wondering "what handlers do I have, and where are they attached?". Well, I find myself wondering that on a regular basis.


Given a handler, SHOW-HANDLER-HIERARCHY will print out what handlers are below it. If a handler is an inexact matcher, an asterisk will be appended to the end of its name.

Given a listener, SHOW-LISTENER-HANDLERS will do the same as above.

(show-listener-handlers *listener*)

Programming Utilities

If you wish to declaratively define the handlers for URLs in Araneida (and you don't mind them all being inexact matchers), ATTACH-HIERARCHY is the macro for you.

The documentation is contained in convenience.lisp. It's quite easy, once you get used to it.

here is a small example, though:

(attach-hierarchy (http-listener-handler *listener*) (parse-urlstring "")
    ("/puppies-and-kittens" puppy-and-kitten-handler)
    ("/lizards-and-fish" lizard-and-fish-simulator)
    ("/orderform" order-form-dispatching-handler
                  ("/order-a-whole-bunch-of-croppy" das-megacroppy-handler)
		  ("/order-a-cute-kitten" kitten-feed-handler)))

Documentation is through the docstring, so you can also view it via:

(documentation 'araneida:attach-hierarchy 'function)