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— Function: grid:concatenate-grids grid0 grid1 &key axis

Concatenate the grids along the axis specified. The new grid will have the grid type specification and element type as grid0.

The function concatenate-grids is used to join two grids on an axis whose dimensions are the same on the other axes. For example, join two matrices by adjoining their columns, all of the same length:
     (map-grid :source (offset-ifd 0.5d0) :source-dims '(3 4))
     #2A((0.5d0 1.5d0 2.5d0 3.5d0)
         (10.5d0 11.5d0 12.5d0 13.5d0)
         (20.5d0 21.5d0 22.5d0 23.5d0))
     (map-grid :source (offset-ifd 0.1d0) :source-dims '(3 2))
     #2A((0.1d0 1.1d0) (10.1d0 11.1d0) (20.1d0 21.1d0))
     (concatenate-grids ** * :axis 1)
     #2A((0.5d0 1.5d0 2.5d0 3.5d0 0.1d0 1.1d0)
         (10.5d0 11.5d0 12.5d0 13.5d0 10.1d0 11.1d0)
         (20.5d0 21.5d0 22.5d0 23.5d0 20.1d0 21.1d0))