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8.1 Cartesian

— Function: antik:coordinate-unit-vector i &optional length

A coordinate unit vector.

— Function: antik:coplanar vect1-or-matrix &optional vect2 vect3

The cosine of the angle between vect1 and the cross product of vect2 and vect3. This should be near zero if the vectors are coplanar.

— Function: antik:distance a b &optional combination-function

The length of the vector and the vector difference a-b.

— Function: antik:first-3vector vec

Extract the first 3-vector.

— Function: antik:right-angle vector

Find an arbitrary right angle to the vector.

— Function: antik:second-3vector vec

Extract the second 3-vector.

— Function: antik:vector-angle a b

The short angle between a and b, and the rotation vector.