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8.20 slime-sprof

slime-sprof is a package for integrating SBCL's statistical profiler, sb-sprof.

The variable slime-sprof-exclude-swank controls whether to display swank functions. The default value is NIL.

M-x slime-sprof-start
Start profiling.
M-x slime-sprof-stop
Stop profiling.
M-x slime-sprof-report
Report results of the profiling.

The following keys are defined in slime-sprof-browser mode:

M-x slime-sprof-browser-toggle
Expand / collapse function details (callers, calls to)
M-x slime-sprof-browser-view-source
View function sources.
M-x slime-sprof-browser-disassemble-function
Disassemble function.
M-x slime-sprof-toggle-swank-exclusion
Toggle exclusion of swank functions from the report.